Graduate Schools07Graduate School of Bioresource SciencesGraduate School of Bioresource Sciencesweb: Applied Life Sciences major consists of four fields: Functional Biochemistry in Living and Ecological Systems, Cell Biology, Biological Functions and Molecular Ecology. Each field further includes areas, such as molecular biology, cytogenetic breeding, biosystems control and bioresource biotechnology. During the master’s program, students are encouraged to pursue research aimed at the creation of environment-friendly new bioresources, gaining a basic understanding of biological functions with the use of the molecular biological method. They are also expected to acquire related academic knowledge and skills. This program aims to train people who can play a pivotal role in applied life science fields and achieve successful careers using their professional expertise.  In the doctoral program, students are encouraged to pursue innovative research in areas such as: the dynamics and biological functions of biomolecules in the field of Functional Biochemistry in Living and Ecological systems; the elucidation of cell functions and continuous use of genetic bioresources in the field of Cell Biology; the expression and control of various living bodies in the field of Biological Functions; and the elucidation, development and utilization of biological functions in the environment in the field of Molecular Ecology. This doctoral program fosters graduates who can conduct independent research activities and who possess both a high level of research ability and a good academic knowledge base for specialized work. Natural Environment Studies researches ways for all living things to co-exist and aims to develop methods and technologies for the stable and perpetual protection and utilization of bioresources. Research targets extend from living cells on the smallest scale to the global environment on the largest. The course covers four unique fields: Stress Tolerance Science, Environmental Planning, Natural Environmental Conservation and Creation, and Natural Environment Information Science.Applied Life SciencesNatural Environment StudiesFields●Functional Biochemistry in Living and Ecological Systems●Cell Biology●Biological Functions●Molecular EcologyFields●Stress Tolerance Science●Environmental Planning●Natural Environmental Conservation and Creation●Natural Environment Information Science

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