03About Nihon University Aim and MissionNihon University was rst established as Nihon Law School on October 4th, 1889 by Akiyoshi Yamada, then Minister of Justice, with the help of other scholars. Yamada firmly believed that Japan’s modernization could only be achieved through research and education on the legal systems of foreign countries that were also combined with a deep understanding of Japan’s history, culture and tradition. This conviction inspired him to establish Nihon Law School. In 1903, Nihon Law School changed its name to Nihon University. Today, Nihon University consists of 20 graduate schools, 16 colleges, a junior college and a distance learning division. In addition, Nihon University has many afliated schools, hospitals and several vocational schools, along with a number of research institutes. Including all of this, Nihon University is acknowledged as one of the most distinguished private universities in Japan.The principal goal of Nihon University is to contribute to world peace and the welfare of humanity with strategies based on Japanese sensibility, and with respect to the history, culture and tradition of Japan. In accordance with the ethos of the Japanese constitution, Nihon University aims to cultivate independent creativity. Nihon University is committed to producing students and faculty who can conduct in-depth academic research that will add to our better understanding of the world and help produce solutions to the problems that face us.Type       PrivateFounded 1889Founder Akiyoshi Yamada, CountPresident Kichibe Otsuka, D.D.S.,Ph.D (13th President, 2011-present)Location(Headquarters) Tokyo, Japan*1)As of March 25, 2016 *2)As of May 1, 2016 *3)As of March, 2016General InformationNumber of Students (as of May 1, 2016) 78,029 Undergraduate 67,909 Graduate 2,768 Distance Learning Division 6,540 Junior College 812Alumni 1,130,385 (as of March 2016)University-owned land 31,289,807.67m2Budget (FY2016) 269.8billion yen (US$2.38 billion)Doctoral Degrees Awarded 12,304 *1Number of Faculty (full-time) 2,858 *2Collection of Books 5,684,887 *3Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (FY2015)awarded by Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology (MEXT) and by Japan Societyfor the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 1,126 million yen (US$9.95million)Our Oldest Campus and the First Building (1890s)These historical photographs are from the UNIVERSITY HISTORICAL ARCHIVE DIVISION.Founder Count Akiyoshi YamadaThe Old Misaki-cho CampusThe First Graduates and Faculty (1893)College of Science and Technology (1928)

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