Research Facilities22Veterinary Research CenterThe Nihon University Veterinary Research Center (NUVERC) was established in 2004 as part of the Academic Frontier Project, “Surveillance and Control for Zoonoses”, which was selected and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan as a highly advanced project for private universities. The Center is primarily engaged in studies of zoonoses. Specifically, we investigate aspects related to the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various infectious animal diseases. We do this by providing undergraduate and postgraduate students with the finest education possible. In doing so, we ensure that the next generation of veterinarians have the very best skills and sophisticated knowledge required to become leading veterinarians, advanced professionals and academic researchers. In 2009, a new project, “International Research on the Epidemiology of Zoonoses and Training for Young Researchers” was selected by MEXT and launched at the Center. The aims of the new project are to prevent emerging and reemerging infectious diseases by improving the quality of epidemiological and zoonoses research on a global level, and to provide young researchers with the opportunity to conduct research and undergo training. As a result of implementing the new project, numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, are undertaking research in these areas. We are also actively involved in establishing international exchange opportunities based at the research center. These initiatives will involve sending young researchers to areas where infectious diseases are endemic so that they can contribute to our understanding of the current status of infectious diseases, gather intelligence, and become involved in the licensing of novel technologies for preventing and diagnosing such diseases. In addition, we invite young researchers from developing countries to enroll in our epidemiology training courses so that we can facilitate the development of talented epidemiologists around the world. The results of our research are open to all and we hope to share this knowledge in collaboration with other domestic and foreign research organizations. We invite leading researchers who are actively involved in veterinary research, both at home and abroad, to work with us in organizing international symposia and seminars, and to otherwise help to disseminate academic information that will enlighten workers in the eld of infectious disease prevention.Advanced Research Center on Food FunctionFood science is one of the principal elds of education and research in the College of Bioresource Sciences at Nihon University. The Advanced Research Center on Food Function was established with the objective of exploring and clarifying further functions of foods beyond the simple aspects of nutrition, taste, and texture, using the latest technologies. Physiological reactions occur in our bodies based on the attributes of the food we consume, and the study of these reactions is the basis for the center’s research. The center contains experimental laboratories for the analysis of higher-order physiological functions caused in our bodies by food, along with research into genomics, proteomics and cellular function of our bodies in relation to food. Each laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge instruments such as a cell fractionation device and microarray systems.Radioisotope CenterRadioisotope Center supports scientific research, such as analysis of biomechanisms and metabolic activities in microbes, animals and plants. The center consists of general laboratories, animal experiment rooms, cell culture rooms, a darkroom, and measurement room, and has various radiation measurement devices and research equipment to support wide range of research purposes. In addition, in order to perform the experiments safely, each room is equipped with a ventilation system, which is inspected regularly. In this center, more than one hundred registered users carry out their studies each year.

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