Research Facilities21 Shimoda Marine Research Station (SMRS)Facing the Pacific Ocean, the SMRS is set amid picturesque scenery. The grounds cover 1.6 hectares and include a laboratory, an accommodation facility, aquariums and more. Approximately 40 students can be accommodated if necessary while carrying out experiments and practical work. The 9.1 ton SMRS boat, the Suzaki II, is used to collect ocean organisms. The SMRS serves as a base for experiments, practical work, and research carried out by the faculty, teaching staff, and both fourth-year and postgraduate students.Fuji Nature Education Center (FNEC)The FNEC is located on a 58-hectare site at the western foot of Mt. Fuji. The grounds comprise an outstanding natural landscape and a wide range of environmental resources, including forests, lakes, marshes, streams and wetlands. The principal aim of the center is to provide full use of these resources for training and research. It also contributes to the conservation of the environment in the surrounding area and helps revitalize the local community through various training- and research-related activities.The Food Processing Laboratory Center was established in 1962 and currently manufactures 16 different meat products. It is an authorized institute compliant with Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). Students learn basic food production technologies through practical work.  Production of ham, bacon, sausages, smoked chicken and other products totals 18 tons annually. These products have been widely marketed for the general public. The Food Processing Laboratory Center values standard techniques for food processing while developing novel techniques for the future food industry.Food Processing Laboratory Center Center for Natural Environment Science (CNES)The Center for Natural Environment Science (CNES) was originally founded in 2001 with the help of partial funding from the Open Research Center Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as an open platform to promote integrated research in environmental sciences and technologies and the development of human resources in the field. The center has been serving the platform not only for such research and development but also for public environmental education, for local elementary schools and others. The CNES now provides experimental fields such as a terraced paddy field (tanada) and biotopes, as well as high quality research facilities, including LC/MS/MS and a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer.

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