Research Facilities20University FarmThe University Farm occupies an area of approximately 28 hectares within the campus grounds. It comprises the following three divisions: Agriculture (which includes the cultivation of crops, vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees); Livestock Rearing (which includes the rearing of livestock such as dairy and commercial cattle, pigs, and donkeys); and Machinery (which includes the systematic cultivation of forage crops using agricultural machinery). Students and teachers utilize the farm for practical and experimental work. Additionally, students from different departments lodge together during field studies. Through harvesting crops and rearing animals they learn the preciousness of nature and the importance of food production. Arranging visits from kindergartens, elementary schools, and local residents, the University Farm also aims to contribute to the local community by giving hands-on experience of cultivating flowers and vegetables to the visitors.Life Science Research CenterThe Life Science Research Center hosts project research based on the various biological and chemical studies carried out by the College of Bioresource Sciences at Nihon University. One of the largest projects pursued by the research center was a study of microbial interactions funded by the 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program, a major research project led by the Japanese government. Thereafter, the center has been known as a base for research devoted to the mining of novel resources based on microbiological interactions. An important characteristic of the research carried out at the Life Science Research Center is its focus on mutual interactions between organisms rather than the study of individual organisms. To analyze the complex biological interactions, the center promotes cutting-edge molecular biological techniques including those based on the omics analysis of genomic and metagenomic information.  Knowledge regarding the interaction between organisms is important for the conservation of a healthy environment as well as the responsible development of harmonious industries. The Life Science Research Center continues to study the topic in depth and from various perspectives.University ForestsUniversity Forests, which serve as the setting for practical training in forestry, are maintained in four locations in Japan. The total area measures 2,600 hectares and is the largest among private universities in Japan all over the country. Research and study that make the best use of the unique characteristics of each forest location are carried out, making them valuable sites for both experiments and practical training. A “Field Science Practice” course for freshmen is held in the Minakami University Forest, which has accommodation facilities, complete with hot spring baths, and areas designated strictly for wildlife observation.

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