Research Facilities19General Research InstituteThe General Research Institute is a shared facility that contributes to the overall development of training and research for all staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students. It is equipped with devices and tools that have a high degree of commonality, from basic analysis devices to cutting-edge equipment. The research activities conduct obtained by the General Research Institute are published in an annual collection of its achievements. Furthermore, it serves as a setting for academic lectures, technical workshops, and technical training sessions that aim to give students a practical understanding of research techniques.MuseumThe Museum has a collection of over 30,000 specimens relating to natural resources, agriculture, and biological sciences, 7,000 of which are on permanent display. Rare materials are also on display with a minimal of partitioning. A wide range of exhibits featuring genuine complete skeletons of various animals, beautiful birds, colorful butterflies, and insects from around the world are also on display.  Exhibits on the journey of the rice plant to Japan, agricultural machinery, and tools that reveal agricultural history are all on display on the Museum’s third floor. Finally, Japan’s bountiful forests and the fascinating creatures of the deep ocean and Sagami Bay can be viewed and studied. Live bees and fish can be seen in special exhibits several times a year. Seminars and special exhibitions take place regularly throughout the year. The museum provides all visitors with great opportunities to study bioresources.Regional Research Institute of Agricultural Production (RRIAP)The objective of the RRIAP is to promote regional research and research exchange related to the field of bioresource sciences.  Specifically, the institute promotes activities such as the invitation of overseas researchers, the international exchange of researchers (in which researchers are dispatched from Nihon University), and joint research projects between Nihon University and overseas institutions. Research results have been highly evaluated and are shared with society through internationally circulated publications and symposia.

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