01To all who will create the 21st century:Message from the DeanGraduate School of Bioresource SciencesGraduate School of Veterinary Medicine College of Bioresource SciencesAs a college which focuses primarily on bioresource sciences, we offer students high quality education and excellent research opportunities concentrating on life, environment, resources and food, all vital areas which are closely related to our daily lives. These research elds are, we believe, essential for meeting the future demands of society. Our college is located in the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and has a vast campus spread across an area of around 56 hectares. The campus is proud of the ne balance that is maintained between the natural vegetation and the modern buildings, which include research centers equipped with the latest facilities, a museum, a veterinary hospital, a library, a huge education farm and an education forest. Unlike many other universities in the Tokyo area, our lecture and research buildings and our education farm and forest are conveniently located on the same campus. Students can easily walk between where their educational studies take place and their research activity sites.  As well as our modern research facilities, our college boasts a wide-ranging teaching and research staff. We have consistently been a leader in the number of projects we conduct, including those awarded with the government funded Grants-in-Aid for Scientic Research.  We offer an educational experience in which students can take classes not only in their major but also in other courses. This allows our students the opportunity to study a wide range of academic disciplines through the 12 courses available at our college. Upon graduating, students often reflect on the time they have spent with us. The feedback we receive from them has been overwhelmingly positive. Graduates frequently tell us they were glad and satised to have chosen to study at our college. It is my sincere hope that our students leave us ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. It is our goal to equip them with a wide range of knowledge and productive research experiences so that they will be able to face the demands of the future with condence.Yuji Oya Dean

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