College of Bioresource Sciencesweb: Department of Bioscience in Daily Life was established in 2015 on the foundational ideas of developing “wise citizens”, citizen-leaders with a wide range of knowledge and skills in biological sciences related to our everyday lives. The curriculum offers students a program of study in the following five fields: biotechnology and science in daily life, food for health, animal science in daily life, urban horticulture, and landscape architecture and science. We place an emphasis on integration of these fields to solve individual problems found in each field.  In our program, students are expected to gain communication skills and the problem-solving ability necessary to become leaders in our society. We welcome students who have a broad interest in biology and are eager to use that interest for the social good. Department of Bioscience in Daily LifeLaboratories●Biotechnology and Science in Daily Life●Microorganisms in Daily Life●Food for Health●Animal Science in Daily Life●Urban Horticulture●Plant Science in Daily Life●Landscape Architecture and ScienceCollege15web: Department of Applied Biological Science was founded in 1987 with the goal of exploring the mysterious and fascinating vital phenomena taking place in living organisms and applying advanced knowledge and technology to improve our quality of life.  The curriculum offers students an integrated program of study in the fields of bioscience and biotechnology. It is a requirement for students to perform independent research in their senior year under supervision of faculty members. Students are expected to develop a solid scientific background, experimental skills, and presentation abilities necessary for their graduate studies and future research in the professional fields of biomedical sciences, environmental sciences, and biotechnology.Department of Applied Biological ScienceLaboratories●Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry●Biotechnology●Functional Biochemistry●Plant Cell Biology●Molecular Microbiology●Molecular and Cellular Physiology●Biomedical Physiology and Biosystems●Cell and Tissue BiologyCollege of Bioresource Sciences

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