12CollegeCollege of Bioresource Sciencesweb: preserve biodiversity, alleviate global warming, help us bring about a recycling-oriented society, and play numerous other important roles on our planet. In the Department of Forest Science and Resources, students study forest ecosystems, forest management, environmental conservation, and wood utilization while acquiring knowledge and skills through extensive practical work and experimentation. These activities give students the capacity to comprehend the various roles of forests domestically and globally.  Graduate level research develops the individual capabilities and skills of each student and provides training that enables them to make substantial contributions to the public services of forestry as well as various private industries. Department of Forest Science and Resources Laboratories●Forest Zoology●Forest Botany and Microbiology●Forest Ecology●Forest Environment Conservation●Forest Management●Forest Engineering●Wooden Architecture●Wood Technology●Forest Chemistry and BiotechnologyCollege of Bioresource Sciencesweb: the Department of Food Business, students learn about the “food system,” the flow of food from farm to table. We use a curriculum comprised of three areas: environmental and food resources, food industry, and food culture and food science. Within these fields students are encouraged to investigate the diverse possibilities of foodstuffs and learn about the ever-expanding food business with help from our comprehensive approach to the field.  Our learning is based on social sciences such as food economics with help from biology and chemistry-based sciences. The Food and Business program has been established to equip students with the skills needed to be the new leaders of this field, and in related fields such as food specialists and in food coordination.Department of Food Business Laboratories●Environmental Economics of Community●Food and Community  ●Local Food Enterprises●Food Business Analysis  ●Marketing●Food Company Organization●Food Coordination    ●Regional Economy Development  ●Food Development    ●Resource and Environmental Economics●Food Industrial Organization ●Food Industry Structure ●Rural Resource Development  ●Food Tourism      ●Sociology of Agriculture and Food●International Food System

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