College11College of Bioresource Sciencesweb: Department of Animal Science and Resources provides opportunities for the comprehensive study of human life with animals. Our department comprises of laboratories focusing on animal genetics, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, feeding, physiology, animal behavior, animal food products, managing and marketing in the animal industry, and the science of wild and domestic animals. Crops harvested from the on-campus farm are used for study and research. The Department’s primary objective is to develop the abilities and knowledge that will lead our students to take active roles in the fields of life sciences, livestock, conservation of wildlife, and the management of companion animals. Department of Animal Science and Resources Laboratories●Grassland Science   ●Animal Reproduction●Companion Animal Science●Animal Breeding    ●Food (Meat) Sciences●Animal Industry Management Research●Animal Genetics and Physiology●Animal Nutrition ●Wildlife Science●Milk Sciences ●Animal Industry Marketing ResearchCollege of Bioresource Sciencesweb: mission of the Department of Veterinary Medicine is to train veterinarians who will contribute to the advancement of the health and well-being of animals and people through the field of animal health care. In order to achieve this goal, students are required to successfully complete a broad range of courses during a six-year professional program, including basic biomedical science, the pathogenesis of diseases, clinical therapy of diseases, preventive medicine, public health, and so on. Our graduates play an important role in academia, in the biomedical sciences, in government and in Japanese industry.Department of Veterinary Medicine Laboratories●Veterinary Anatomy ●Veterinary Pathology●Veterinary Pharmacology ●Veterinary Microbiology●Veterinary Physiology ●Veterinary Biochemistry●Veterinary Zoology ●Veterinary Internal Medicine●Veterinary Surgery ●Theriogenology●Veterinary Pathobiology ●Veterinary Epizootiology●Comprehensive Veterinary Clinical Studies●Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health●Fish Pathology ●Veterinary Public Health●Biomedical Science

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