College10College of Bioresource SciencesCollege of Bioresource Sciencesweb: the Department of Agricultural Bioscience, our multidisciplinary curriculum enables students to gain an unsurpassed education in the professional fields of sustainable agriculture, horticulture, plant diseases and pest management, plant life and science, molecular biology, and landscape architecture. The objective of this department is to provide educational programs that prepare students to focus on the critical challenges that currently face agriculture and the environment.  Our faculty and students actively address the problems related to climate change that stress many crops, vegetables, and fruits. Research is also conducted into the disorders caused by ever-evolving pests, pathogens and viruses. Finally, our department develops high-quality food using molecular biology and physiological techniques to promote the potential of agriculture to advance through innovation and knowledge for the betterment of human health.In the Department of Chemistry and Life Science, students acquire an understanding of life, food, and the environment from a chemistry perspective via lectures, practical work, and experiments. The curriculum offers students relevant knowledge and skills regarding soil, plants, animals, microorganisms, fermentation, foods and nutrition, based on bioscience, biochemistry and biotechnology. After acquiring basic knowledge and learning experimental techniques, students join a well-equipped laboratory to conduct research using state-of-the-art equipment under the supervision of faculty members. Laboratory experience provides students not only with the opportunity to learn research skills but also communication and presentation skills which are necessary for success in any profession. The objective of the Department is to help students to develop their ability to confront and solve the current and future issues pertaining to life, food, and environment in our society. Our graduates are active in the analytical development and research sections of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fermentation industries, as well as in public services related to food safety inspection.Department of Agricultural Bioscience Department of Chemistry and Life Science Laboratories●Crop Science●Floricultural Science●Pomology and Vegetable Crops Science●Genetics and Plant Breeding●Plant Resources Production●Plant Pathology●Applied Entomology●Landscape ArchitectureLaboratories●Environmental Microbiology●Enzymology and Molecular Biology●Food Chemistry●Nutrition and Physiology●Biomolecular Chemistry●Plant Nutrition and Physiology●Pedosphere Science

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